So, you’ve just completed your first ‘Record Only’ session at Soundloft..

The Process is almost complete!

Music mixing services with major label quality yet pricing for independent artists. SoundLoft Recording Studios deliver the highest quality music mixing services with the lowest price. How? We use our fantastic combination of high quality hardware, and software tools to mix your song to its best potential. Most importantly, we have professional mix engineers that bring the industry standard of quality and perfectionism to the next level.

What’s Included:

  • Full resolution Master .WAV (ready for streaming platforms) 44.1khz 16bit

  • 192kpbs MP3 Version

Mastering Services Include:

  • Adjusting tonal balance

  • Balancing left and right stereo channels

  • Master Compression and limiting

  • Automating compression and/or equalization

  • Add or correct improper fades

  • Set spacing between tracks

  • Noise reduction and sound restoration if needed

At Soundloft Mastering is included with all of our Mixes.


Warning: Some online mixing studios or music mixing facilities have been known to use presets.  This is not the case with any of our services whether it be mixing or mastering. We are proud to handle the online mixing and or mastering process for your music with the same level of care and attention to detail that you have spent in tracking the progress of recording your songs.  If you listen to our online mixing and mastering samples on our samples page you will hear that our engineers are professionals driven by perfection and the highest standard of quality. This is the mindset every SoundLoft engineer brings to an online mixing or mastering project. Our level of quality could never be matched by using presets.