What we do at the loft...

We offer professional in-house recording, mixing and mastering services. We’ve found ways to do more for less for artists and record labels by keeping our overhead costs low maximizing the capabilities of our staff while streamlining our technical processes. By doing so, we’ve been able to deliver the absolute best recording, mixing and mastering services without sacrificing our high standards of quality. By offering lower costs on our services, it has allowed our client base of business savvy artists, accredited producers and record labels to do the same with their own overhead. By getting the best recording, mixing and mastering results, our clients then have the opportunity to invest the money saved into other necessities for their musical endeavors such as: producing music videos, more songs, promoting their albums, developing promotional campaigns, and so much more.

         It's time to reevaluate your thoughts on recording, mixing, mastering and where your production budget is going. SoundLoft Recording Studios gives you perfect place to start saving without sacrificing quality. In fact, our mixing and mastering services typically sound better than even the biggest name studios and mastering houses. So why spend more? 



Work with one of our Associate Engineers and dive into Industry Quality Sound.

*Same day Mix/Master (Please plan time for this into your session)


Rule of thumb:

If it takes you 30 minutes to record your track, it will take our engineer roughly the same time to put a solid mix/master on your record. *WAV or MP3 delivery/ Stem Delivery upon request

Soundloft Blue Room



  • Work with one of our Executive Engineers for World-class in-session recording mixing and mastering.  (25 YEARS COMBINED EXPERIENCE)

  • Great for deadlines & presentations, streaming platform releases, Singles & video drops.

  • Great for tracked out instrumental mixes

MASTERING (included in full service sessions)

Our mastering will take your home or our professionally recorded tracks to a whole new level of amplitude, brilliance and commercial clarity that you’ve been looking for. When artists record or mix with us in a full service tier session at Soundloft, our mastering services are readily available.  

  • Adjusting songs tonal balance

  • Adding stereo width to track

  • Compressing and Limiting the Overall Sound Level (industry competitive levels)

  • Automating Compression and/or Equalization

  • Add or Correct Improper Fades

  • Set Spacing Between Tracks

  • Using Noise Reduction and Sound Restoration if Needed

  • Export Codecs for Streaming Platforms (16bit 44.1hz)


RECORD NOW… Mix later… (same day AVAILABILITY)

Every hit record starts with a pro recording!

  • lock in the blue room and get to trackin’

  • Work with one of our Associate Engineers to complete the first step in the process of achieving Industry Quality Sound.

  • Includes live Autotune

  • Master Limiter (for competitive volume)

  • Mix/Master available post session via online submission



The Best of our Full-Service Sessions with a taste of the finer things..

  • 2 Engineer coverage ensuring seamless workflow

  • Food and Beverage Spread

  • Closed session, no press, no posting.

  • Trackout/ Full session Delivery

Location Services:

From time to time our clients look to use our facilities for more than just standard services. Our facilities are also available for:

  • Listening Sessions

  • Producer Meetups/ collabs

  • Music Video Shoots

  • Band Practices

  • And many more applications