SoundLoft is the only area Studio offering our one of a kind Creative Sessions via our In-House Production Department,  Across The Board Productions. Discuss your vision with a member of our production staff to make it come to life. 


 Have a song written, but no instrumentals?

Need an original beat tailored to your taste for your next single?

Have a melody that other “producers” can’t seem to capture?



SoundLoft’s Creative Sessions are the answer.

These highly intuitive studio sessions are guaranteed to set your product apart from your peers. No matter the task, SoundLoft’s in-house Production Team can deliver the sound you’re looking for.

 Creative Sessions are intended to create the framework for a great record. By the time you leave the session, you will leave with core building blocks from which you can build your masterpiece.  After you’ve completed writing and any additional arrangements for your song, Standard Studio Time can be utilized to record, mix, and master it to radio quality (ask about SONG & DEMO PACKS for Creative Sessions bundled with our Standard Studio Time).


 No Charge Instrumental Leasing!

When a production is conceived within a Creative Session, our standard two-year lease agreement is included within the hourly rate. Not only is it tailored to your taste and vision, but it’s also paid for in the process!


Ready to make your first Industry Level Production from scratch? The SoundLoft SONG PACK is your all-inclusive answer.

 Song Pack includes:

  • 30 Minute Song Consultation
  • 2 Hour Creative Session (Studio B)
  • 4 Hour Recording Session (Studio B)
  • 3 Hour Mix Session (Studio A)
  • 1 Song Mastering (Studio A)


Are you ready for the Industry to hear you talent or shop yourself to entertainment venues? The SoundLoft DEMO PACK is your all-inclusive answer to making a product that gets gigs as well as is tuned for Industry Standards. 

Demo Pack includes:

  • 1 Hour Demo Consultation
  • 3, 2 Hour Creative Sessions (Studio B)
  • 3, 4 Hour Recording Sessions (Studio A)
  • 3, 3 Hour Mix Sessions (Studio A)
  • 3 Song Mastering (Studio A)