is the reason we’re called SoundLoft in the first place. With an initial observation by our founder in its early days, “It’s a loft… of sound” the name was coined. 

 Located on the second floor of the building, Blue Room is the pie-in-the-sky (pun intended) for bands, live drum tracking, choirs, larger format and priority audio production applications.  With over 800 square feet to offer, Blue Room was designed with comfort and functionality in mind, offering cutting edge hardware and equipment in a cool relaxed setting. There is a clear line of sight between the Drum Room, iso-booth and the Control Room for the artists, as well as plenty of room to accommodate guests attending sessions who may wish to observe the creative process.

If quality recording, engaging mixes, and commercial quality masters are your objective, SoundLoft’s Blue Room is the ideal place to reach your goals. Whether you are a band looking to complete your first demo, a Hip-Hop or R&B act looking to cut your next single for radio, or an author or independent book publisher exploring the world of audio books, consider SoundLoft’s Blue Room as your point of access to a tried and true industry standard facility while breaking the stigma of cost related to high-end audio production services.

Blue Room amenities: 

  • Private lounge w/42” flat screen, plush leather sectional, microwave, coffee machine, and our renowned wall of fame
  • Avid HD hardware and Protools Software
  • Access to kitchenette & refrigerator w/freezer
  • Dual computer monitors
  • Private entrance, loading zone, and parking
  • In-booth computer monitor to enhance in-session communications
  • Dedicated hear-back system for individual headphone mix control
  • Stellar microphones & preamps
  • Adjustable mood lighting in iso-booth
  • Adjustable lighting in Control Room
  • TV/computer monitor above console
  • Mini refrigerator
  • A comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that promotes creativity, including ambient lighting effect
  • House drum kit
  • House amplifier selection
  • House DJ gear

Blue Room Equipment:


  • JBL LSR4328’s
  • M-Audio Bx5a’s
  • Krk 10s Subwoofer


  • 8 Core Mac Pro, 16 Gb ram, Protools Keyboard, Lacie 48x CD Burner
  • Avid ProTools HD Native Card System

Preamps/ Dynamics/ Rack:

  • Focusrite OctoPre w/ Dynamics
  • Focusrite OctoPre
  • Presonus Acp 88


  • AVID 8x8x8
  • Alesis blackface ADAT

Custom Console:

  • Mixed Logic M24
  • Tascam M1-600
  • Presonus Monitor Station

Keys/ Midi Controllers:

  • Korg MicroKontrol
  • Roland Fantom X6
  • Roland RA100 Concert Piano
  • Crumar Spirit Vintage Synthesizer

House Amplifiers:

  • VHT “Special 6’
  • Ibanez SoundWave 35
  • Ibanez Troubadour T-35

House Drums:

  • PDP MainStage 5 Piece w/Sabian cymbals
  • BOSS DR 880 Drum Machine

Dj Equipment:

  • Techniques Sl-1200 Turntable
  • Techniques DZSl-1200 Digital Turntable
  • Gemini XL-500 Turntable
  • Stanton Sk 2F battle mixer


  • Blue Baby Bottle
  • Rode NT5s x 2
  • Studio Projects CS5 x 2
  • Sm57 x4
  • Audix D6
  • Audix F14
  • Audix F10 x3
  • Audix F12
  • Audix F15 x2
  • Sennhieser E604
  • Sennhieser 835 x 2