About SoundLoft

Here at SoundLoft Recording Studios, we specialize in recording, mixing, mastering, and many other aspects of the music business from artist development to demo promotion to major label A&Rs. 

We are proud to be called one of Connecticut’s premier recording facilities.  Centrally located on the Southern Connecticut shoreline, our prime location makes for short trips from just about anywhere in the state. We are conveniently located almost exactly between NYC and Boston, moments off of Interstate I-95, making your trip from anywhere in this region two hours or less.

Here at SoundLoft we are proud of our Connecticut roots. Musicians from all over Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and as far as California have chosen SoundLoft Recording Studios as their recording and music production home.  They prefer the serenity and affordability we offer versus the hassle associated with recording in metropolitan areas. Facilities in those areas often face high monthly overhead that is directly reflected in their grossly inflated rates, our Clientele here at Soundloft thoroughly enjoys receiving end results in the same class, for significantly less than our big name competitors can accommodate.

 In addition to our standard services, physical and online promotional campaigns and detailed project outlines can be developed. Those new to the Music Industry can receive Music Career Counseling to assist them with their long-term musical objectives. Writers can receive music-publishing services that will allow them to tap into the song writing royalty pipeline as well as assistance in obtaining copyrights for their works.

 Our staff at SoundLoft has over 20 years combined experience. In addition to having experienced record producers and industry certified audio engineers on-site; SoundLoft provides in-session song writing, vocal production and song arrangement tips at no additional cost. Our daily work ethic is based on our philosophy: Make more great records, faster. We’re tired of hearing horror stories about uninterested engineers who unenthusiastically press record while playing with their smart phones.


Sounds Good™